A liquid soil improver and plant growth stimulator in the form of a modified liquid potassium humate containing humic and fulvic acids, in combination with natural adjuvants and boron.

It affects the crop through​​

Product characteristics​

Fulvic and humic acids contained in the product are produced in the process of extracting Leonardites – the richest source of humic substances in nature. PoliHumiK increases the water capacity of the soil, increases the exchange capacity of cations contained in the topsoil, regulating their release. It helps to maintain the optimum pH of the soil. The product favorably changes the thermal parameters of the soil. It stimulates the life processes of soil organisms and plants, and accelerates the decomposition of crop residues and soil pollutants. Supplements boron deficiency.

Application benefits​


Higher yields


Improves the quality of the crop


Increases the growth of the above-ground weight of plants


Increases the degree of development of hair roots


Increases the natural resistance of plants to diseases


Corrects boron deficiencies in the soil


Application recommendations

Dose, how and when to use


Dose and how to use


Field and covered vegetables, from seedlings and sowing 8-15 l/ha in min. 200-300 l First application immediately after sowing seeds and before planting seedlings. Repeat the application after 2-3 weeks in the form of a spray.
Maize, Spring cereals 8-15 l/ha in min. 200-300 Spray the soil surface before sowing in spring.
Potatoes, Sugar beets, 8-15 l/ha in min. 200-300 l Spray on the soil surface in spring before sowing.
Winter rape, Winter cereals 8-10 l/ha in min. 200-300 l In autumn, soil preparation before sowing, spraying on the surface. Repeat the application in spring at the beginning of vegetation.
All crops 7-8 l/ha in 200-300 l Post-harvest spraying on crop residues, stimulating the multiplication of microorganisms, improving the decomposition of crop residues, improving soil structure.

Packaging available​

20 l

1000 l


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